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The best shopping scenes in movie history

The biggest event on the movie calendar, the Oscars is taking place on Sunday 28th February. In preparation, we’ve picked out some of the best shopping scenes in movie history.

But be warned, reading this article will make you want to shop, right now.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2 minutes of glamorous window shopping has become one of the most iconic opening scenes in movie history. A timeless classic in which Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, dressed in a Givenchy black dress and silk gloves stares longingly in the window of Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue, New York.

Pretty Woman

This scene has got it all; a changing room montage with a killer song and a fashion transformation, featuring Julia Roberts strolling down Rodeo Drive.


For the bit where Tom Hanks gets a dream job in a toy shop by playing Chopsticks on a giant foot operated electronic keyboard. We just wish this could happen in real life.

Tom Hanks

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Taking all those emotions we have during the sales: the temptation, the frustration, the justification and the guilt, and multiplying them to the max.

What Women Want

The best prom dress shopping scene with one of the best soundtracks to match.



For the scene when shopping can’t even solve Cher’s romantic problems and she walks from Rodeo Drove to the soundtrack of ‘All by myself.’ We’ve all been there, Cher.

Ok, ok  it’s not Christmas. But Elf still makes the cut on this list for the number of laugh out loud moments that happen inside a shop.


Crazy, Stupid Love
Finally it’s a guy’s turn to get a fashion transformation as Steve Carell is given a de-slobbing makeover with assistance from Ryan Gosling. A pretty perfect situation if you ask us.

Crazy, Stupid, Love


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