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Five things you didn’t know about Thai New Year

There are many different ways we celebrate New Year all over the world, from western countries letting off fireworks to the Chinese having their lion dance and lanterns. However, Thailand has one of the most unusual ways of celebrating New Year, and this is known as Songkran Festival.

Never heard of it before? Here’s some facts so you can find out more, who knows it might prompt you to visit Thailand, or failing that you can always head to Pum Thai for an authentic flavour of Thailand without the 14 hour plane journey.

  • Thai New Year also known as ‘Songkran’ was actually derived from“Sankranti”, which means “to move or to change”
  • Celebrated from 13 April – 15 April Songkran is regarded as the longest holiday in Thailand
  • Songkran originated in Burma and is also celebrated in other countries such as Vietnam and Laos
  • Thai’s believe that a day before the celebration of Songkran, the housewives must clean their house and remove all the rubbish. Otherwise, it might bring them bad luck for the remaining months of the year. As part of the belief, Buddha images should be washed carefully so as to bring good fortune to house owners.
  • A large part of the festival includes a communal water fight. Armed with water guns and water containers, travellers and natives including children throw water upon others, which symbolizes cleansing and rejuvenating of their bodies

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