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Meet Bella The Serving Robot at TCB Bury

Having recently rebranded as The TCB Unlimited Dining Experience, at THE Chinese Buffet Group we have now introduced high tech team members to do the leg work when it comes to serving their customers.

Their restaurants now have robots, or ‘Bella’ as they call her in-house, to deliver food directly to your table, reducing the hundreds of journeys to and from the kitchens by our team, each time a new order is placed, which as you can imagine, is pretty frequently now everyone is ordering via the app.

Paolo Hu, our Managing Director said…

“The hospitality industry is having a hard time recruiting staff at the moment, so anything we can do to make team members feel more valued and their jobs easier goes a long way towards keeping staff motivated and happy.

“Bella Bot is a great new addition to the team, making it possible for front of house staff to spend more time attending to the needs of our customers.

“Bella never tires, she just keeps on going, making the return journey between kitchen and tables, literally hundreds of times a day, so our people can focus on helping our customers have a great time”.

At TCB they recently took the bold decision to replace their traditional, eat as much as you like buffet style service, with a more sophisticated dining experience.

Paolo went on to say…

 “During the first COVID lockdown, we had to make some big changes, with social distancing and restricted movement around the restaurant and we devised the ‘Table Buffet Service’, which many of our customers really liked.

“So we decided to embrace it and develop it even further to still be able to deliver an ‘eat as much as you like’ service but with a more sophisticated feel, very close to an a la carte service.

“And it’s really worked, ordering via our bespoke app, customers can relax at their table, enjoying time with their friends, while we do all the running around and now Bella has come to make it even easier for us”.