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Next’s top tips for working out at home

It can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise at home, especially if you’ve been sitting at a desk all day and want nothing more than to relax in front of the TV.

With a little help from retailer Next, who has recently partnered with Nike to create a home workouts series led by trainer Naomi Heffernan, we’ve put together some tips for working out at home, including suggestions for appropriate and comfortable workout gear, available to shop in-store at The Rock Shopping Centre.

1.      Shop the right gear

Having the right clothing to exercise in is super important. Comfort and breathability are an absolute priority – you don’t want anything that’s going to make you too hot or self-conscious.

Nike trainer and Barry’s instructor Naomi Heffernan stresses the importance of having a well-fitting sports bra.

“A sports bra is probably the most important item if you’re working out. You want to make sure   you   are   nice   and   secure,   you   are protected when you’re jumping around – you want to make sure you’re held in properly.”

Ideally, you should also own at least three tops, leggings and shorts to exercise in, of differing lengths so that you’re suited for all weather. If your workout wardrobe is in need of a revamp, Next has a great selection of sportswear available in store at The Rock Bury.

The correct footwear is also a must when it comes to exercising, as unsuitable shoes can lead to injury. Nike have recently released their latest Metcon 6 Trainers, available to order online and collect in store.

“They’re a really stable shoe to train in, so if you are doing things like squats or working with weights, they’re amazing because they’ve got such a solid base. They’re also really grippy on the sole [and] because they’re mesh-fronted as well, they’re going to keep you really nice and cool.”


2.      Make sure you’re eating right

Staying fit and healthy isn’t all about exercise. For a lot of us working from home, the temptation to make regular trips to the fridge has become a habit. While there’s no shame in that, it’s important to eat healthily and stay hydrated, especially when you’re working out.

The best thing to eat pre-workout are foods which release a lot of slow burning energy, and are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. These include oatmeal or porridge, bananas, peanut butter and granola bars. Any of these are a great way to start your morning and invigorate you for the day ahead.


3.      Set realistic goals

These days it can seem more difficult than ever to plan from one day to the next, especially with the demands of a busy work schedule. With this in mind, set yourself easy and measurable targets that you know you can commit to. Write your goals down and schedule them into your calendar to help you keep on track.

Trial working out in the morning and then in the evening to see which works best for you. According to Naomi, both have their benefits and it ultimately comes down to personal preference:

“If you decide to work out in the evening, you’re probably going to lift heavier and maybe run faster than you would in the morning purely because your body is so warmed up, you’ve been up for 12 hours already and you’re raring to go.”

Social media can also really help you meet your targets. Apps like Strava help you monitor your progress, and let you see how your friends are doing. Take it to the next level by creating an Instagram fitness account, and update it regularly.

4.      Mark out a home workout space

Marking out your own space to work out in is a must. It doesn’t need to be huge, so long as you’ve got enough room to move around in. Try not to exercise in the same place you work, eat or sleep – this will help keep you focused, and separate your workout time from your other responsibilities.

There are plenty of workouts that can be done without equipment.

If you’re in need of inspiration, the Nike x Next home workouts videos are available online until the 29th October, offering equipment-free exercises designed to be carried out at home, along with info on the latest Nike product releases, available to shop online and collect in-store at The Rock Bury.