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Your best hair yet, based on your zodiac signs, with Wella 

Hair care brand Wella has researched the links between your zodiac sign and hair habits. You read that right!

Astrology not only guides you on relationships and careers, but it can steer you towards the hairstyle for you. In this study, Wella focused on Sun signs as well as Moon and Rising signs, to cover your entire chart. Find out more below. And once inspired, check out Wella’s products in our Superdrug store next time you visit The Rock Shopping Centre.

Stellar Hair Advice

Firstly, grab a pen and paper, so you can jot down the ideas and products for your hair based on your zodiacs below! If you’re unsure about your full zodiac chart – find out your Sun, Moon and Rising signs with this handy calculator.

Some star-studded stats surfaced from Wella’s study. 55% of Virgos credit their hair for attracting romantic partners, for instance, while 45% of Libras admitted that dirty hair gave them the “ick”.

One thing was for sure, Aries are the most influenced by social media when it comes to their hair – with one in ten reporting they love to try TikTok trends.

Did you know that people with a Sagittarius Sun sign place a high value on their hair appearance? So much so, that it’s advised for them to experiment with different hairstyles and colours to enhance their natural beauty and captivating nature.

While if your sun is in Gemini, and you hate making decisions, Wella has made things easier for you. This sign is known for loving things that come in pair, so Wella suggests you treat your tresses to the Elements Renewing Mask and Leave-In Spray! Both available in our Superdrug store, when you shop at The Rock.

Discover all the style tips and advice based on your zodiac chart on Wella’s Hair-Horoscope page.

Expert astrologer, Lisa Stardust, commented:

“The correlation between astrology and hair habits, as revealed by Wella, comes as no surprise,” comments Lisa, “Our zodiac signs encompass not only our personality traits but also our overall demeanour and self-presentation. Hence, it is only natural to observe Scorpios devoting additional time and attention to perfecting their styles, Leos striving to make their hair stand out as a bold statement, and Cancers bravely venturing beyond their comfort zones to embrace transformative changes. This harmonious fusion of astrology and hair care serves as a powerful reminder that our zodiac signs play a significant role in shaping not just our behaviour, but also how we confidently present ourselves to the world.”

So, never underestimate the role of the stars on your locks – whether your rising sign is in Pisces and you would go to drastic lengths to avoid a bad hair day, or your Moon is in Leo and you only need to spend 5 minutes on your hair as a result of your infectious confidence.

Find the right products for your hair with Wella when shopping at The Rock.