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The fashion trends you need in your life right now

Taking you seamlessly and stylishly from winter through to spring.

Hippie Chic

The 70s trend is here to stay. Think suede, bold prints, chunky layers, and flared pants to create modern 70s-inspired ensembles. We’re just thankful that double denim is no longer a style sin.

Kiss The Sky Talitha Cold Shoulder Dress £32.00 Ark (left)

The slip on

This may take until the weather warms to really hit the high streets, but the slip on is back and it’s sexier than ever. Underwear, outerwear, same thing. The key to this trend is layering, over fine knits and lace.


Red asymmetric slip dress £36.00 River Island


Moody floral

Bringing the soft florals of summer into winter, with moody, mellow, darker vibes. Look out for florals mixed with lace and team with even darker colours.


Shirt dress £14.99 H&M

Bold stripes

Whether they’re big and bold, delicate and detailed, or even combining them both together, for 2016, the stripe is oh so right. Instant style, without too much effort.


Wrap around long line blouse £35.00 Simply Be

The 90s

We know, we never thought we’d see the day either. But unlike Justin and Britney, 90s fashion is back. Dungarees, chokers, crop tops, matching sets, high waisted jeans and shirts tied casually around your waist, it’s the naughty 90s gone good.

Get ready to throw it back


MOTO Short denim dungaree £39.00 Topshop






The 10 stages of Monday

Every Monday, without fail, we all go through the same painful stages. And yet it never gets any easier. But at least we’re not dramatic about it…

  1. The ‘ I’m jealous of my dog/cat’ stage

Admit it. It’s a thought we’ve all had as the alarm goes off, and your pet curls up, all cosy and smug and all you can think is: “ I wish I was a cat.”


  1. Denial

Also known as the 5 more minutes stage. The adult way to deal with it is to put your head back under the cover and pretend it’s not happening.

  1. Re-Prioritising

If I don’t straighten my hair and I do my makeup on the train, and the kids have cereal instead of toast, that’s 10 extra minutes in bed. Well negotiated.

  1. The Fantasy

As you queue for the bus, wait in traffic on the school run, or squeeze, arm pit to face on the train, your mind wanders to every other place you could be, the life you could lead, from beaches to baking and everything inbetween.

giphy (2)


  1. The ‘Did You Really Just Ask Me To Do That’ Stage.

No Linda, I will not do that totally and utterly (un)reasonable request for you. It’s Monday morning, for goodness sake, have some respect.

  1. The Hunger Stage

After a weekend of breakfast, brunch and lunches, hunger hits hard by 10am, and a banana is not going to cut it. Do Subway deliver?


  1. Grieving the Weekend

You can’t stop thinking about the freedom, the endless hours of shopping, lunches with friends, and how long it is until the next weekend. But can people please stop asking how your weekend was? That’s just rubbing it in.

  1. Acceptance

Acceptance of the life you lead, the job you’ve fallen into and the lunch you half-heartedly prepared this morning when ham sandwiches seemed like the easiest choice.

  1. 3pm

When the realisation hits that you may actually make it through. That it’s all going to be fine. That this is just another day, and it happens EVERY week.

  1. 5pm

You’ve been counting down, pretending to type for the last 30 minutes. When 5pm strikes, you are out of there.




How to actually keep those New Year’s Resolutions

Have you already started weakening at the sight of a glass of wine, salivating over cookies or dreading the thought of a gym class?

Is 2016 already starting to feel a little… well… 2015?

Fail Friday, the third Friday of the month when on average we are most likely to break our resolutions, is almost upon us. But we’re NOT going to let that happen.

Now we’re going to tell you how to keep those New Year’s resolutions so you can reward yourself with the things you really enjoy.

Whether you’re after a new leopard print top from Primark, a Thomas Cook city break or you’re wanting to drop a dress size in River Island following your new body transformation, let us guide you on how to keep smashing your target right through 2016.


Practice your willpower

The more you say ‘no’ to things, the more natural your resolve becomes. It’s very much like a muscle.  Steve Jobs, father of Apple, said: ‘People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are.’

Think about it this way. Saying ‘no’ to those few extra chocolate digestive biscuits in the office means saying ‘yes’ to that new figure-hugging little black dress you always wanted.


Outsmart your inner rebel

Don’t set yourself up for a fall. Rather than saying: ‘I’m giving up all chocolate’ or ‘I’m not going to spend on my credit card’, make your goals reasonable.

Saying something like I’ll only have a bar of chocolate as a treat on a Friday for example, reinforces that feel good factor after a long week at work. You deserve it.



Remind yourself of earlier victories

It’s only natural to beat yourself up about the muffin top or the way you gave up on the gym after the induction despite the cute instructor. Rejoice in the good times, no matter how big or small.

Remember how you built up a little nest egg for your trip to Disneyland; how you taught yourself how to bake a super duper chocolate cake the whole family loved; or how you finally cracked Facebook.

Write these accomplishments down on paper and read them back to yourself. You’ve set your sights before and you can do it again (and again)!


Power to the people

Being nice and serving the day with a smile will give not only you a kick but the people who surround you too. The comfort in great company will make everything seem all the more possible.

Better still, recruit more people to your cause, whether that’s in your office, at the gym or your school ground network. The power of many behind you will spur you on.



Tell your family and friends

Your family and friends are the best support network you have and will keep you going when that temptation to reach for a Galaxy bar strikes back (no Star Wars pun intended).

Share with us how you plan to keep up with those New Year’s Resolutions @therockbury.