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Home improvements: The biggest trends to look out for in 2021

Having a comfortable and secure place to live has never been so important. 2020 was the year when our living spaces turned into home offices, classrooms or gyms; maybe even all three! Many of us revisited abandoned DIY projects and gave our homes a much-needed makeover.

If you’re keen to give your home a spruce-up yet aren’t sure where to start, retailer Next has analysed Google search data for hundreds of home décor queries to find out what the UK’s most popular home décor themes and trends could be for 2021.

Their research covers how searches for particular home décor queries have evolved over the last four years, as well as how they differ from region to region.

For example, out of all the counties analysed, Manchester is the place most likely to search for “home theatre” – with a sizeable 28.6% of the average monthly searches coming from the Greater Manchester area.

Other popular search terms for Greater Mancunians are “black and gold living room” (a trend that residents of West Yorkshire and the West Midlands are also Googling) and “basketweave floor”.

Feeling inspired yet? Keep reading to get all the home inspiration you need before you head to The Rock Next store post-lockdown!



During lockdown, many of us searched for a way to incorporate the country feel of a weekend away or rural escape into our own home décor. By analysing Google searches between March and October last year, Next discovered that “French country décor” increased by a monumental +515% in searches, with “country cottage décor” and “modern farmhouse decor” also rising significantly.

Next Home’s design manager Susie Gibson believes that the modern country trend is here to stay in 2021: “Modern country is a pared back country style inspired by British boutique hotels. Next’s Charlbury or Gosford sofas reference classical details and form with a pared back feel. The Gloucester lighting range is smart and stylish, perfect for an upgraded elegant country style.”

Similarly to the country theme, queries for rustic-related furnishing rose in popularity throughout 2020. The most popular searches were “rustic desks” and “rustic living rooms” which increased by 260% and 90% respectively last year. Interior designer Nicola Burt emphasises the versatility of the rustic theme:

“A relaxed rustic look with dark, dull metals would suit an industrial urban space, whereas a more ‘cottagecore’ country look may work better in a rural or period property. […] This look requires layers – whether that is pattern, texture or colour – to make it look cosy and inviting.”

If you’re a fan of countryside-inspired décor, be sure to take a look at Next’s collection of rustic home décor, available to click and collect at The Rock.




Creating your own safe haven and cocooning yourself in your own furniture is set to be a big trend in 2021 – whether it’s snuggling up in a beanbag chair or spending a Sunday with the family on a comfy sofa.

“There is a desire for ultra-comfy low-level loungers, in fabrics such as velvet, bouclé, and soft, natural linens. […] Homeowners want deeply comfortable seating – a sofa to lie down on, as well being large enough for everyone to sit on together,” says Nicola.   

When choosing your cocoon furnishings, it’s important to take shapes and colours into account. Nicola believes that rounded shapes and rich colours are the key to creating one’s own sanctuary:

“Squishy sofas, curved furniture shapes, and tactile, snuggly fabrics are in demand. Sofa trends feature rounded curves and geometric patterns, as well as 1920s-inspired occasional chairs with scalloped backs in rich tones of emerald green, royal blue, paprika or deep burgundy.”

If cosy furnishings take your fancy, then take a look at Next’s Home Sanctuary edit for inspiration.



Studies have shown that spending more time outdoors has great health benefits such as reducing stress and increasing productivity. As such, it’s no wonder we were searching for ways to bring the outside in during 2020. Google searches for “indoor plant pots” grew by a huge +173% between March and October last year, whilst “indoor hanging baskets” jumped in searches by +50%. Nicola believes that our newfound appreciation of nature in 2020 will continue this year:

“During the pandemic people wanted to feel close to nature and many don’t have access to a garden, so they brought plants into their homes instead. […] Plants are not only good to look at and bring life to a space, but many indoor plants have health-giving properties; detoxifying the air so we can sleep better, for example.”

As we live in such a digital world, Biophilia helps to inject some much-needed nature into our home décor. Injecting some green into our lives instantly helps to uplift our moods and circulate the air indoors.

“Biophilic design gained more awareness during the pandemic, when everyone’s desire for outside space increased, and the realisation that nature makes us feel good and is beneficial to our health both physically and mentally. […] Along with the upsurge in biophilic design, the colour green has also increased in popularity. Just looking at something green can help to decrease your heart rate and decrease stress,” says Nicola.


Ready for a home makeover? Then be sure to explore Next’s full range of home furnishings online, also available to click and collect from The Rock Shopping Centre once lockdown has eased.


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Top Christmas Homeware picks from Next at The Rock

With December now fully upon us, many of us will probably have our beautiful trees up, as well as most of the decorations in place. Home décor is a huge part of festive fever – in fact, a recent survey by Next, one of our resident retailers here at The Rock, found that one in five adults admit to being competitive when it comes to having the most lavish decorations…

So, if you’re looking to impress this year and want to turn your home in a winter wonderland, have a read of our top Christmas homeware picks from Next below, featuring luxury candles, colourful bedding and a fun singing penguin doorstop!

You can find the below at Bury’s premier retail and leisure destination, The Rock shopping centre.

  1. Christmas bedding

This year we’ll likely be spending more time at home so finding ways to spread Christmas cheer throughout the house is more important than ever.

Christmas bedding is the easiest way to instantly give your bedroom a makeover, whether you prefer a more fun and playful style (like this Catherine Lansfield Countdown to Christmas duvet cover) or a classy Christmassy winter forest duvet, there’s Christmas bedding with your name on it at Next.

If you’re still not sure what style to go for, just ask a wonderful staff member at Next to guide you through the selection.

  1. Christmas Kitchenware

This year more than ever we need to give the heart of the home the attention it deserves for the holiday season. From preparing dinner with your family to baking endless trays of cookies, there’s no denying that the kitchen is a high-traffic space during the season.

A delicious home-cooked meal will always win your family’s heart so why not make it extra special and cook it in a beautiful heart shaped casserole dish? Also, don’t forget to spice it up with traditional winter ingredients like cinnamon and dried fruits, which you can easily store in an elegant glass and wood spice rack.

Fill that cart and get ready to cook up a feast this Christmas!

  1. Candles & Diffusers

Beautifully scented candles or diffusers are the best way to complete any home’s décor. Not only are they a beautiful source of light and joy, but they are also amazing mood-boosters and make your house smell beautiful, something that has become invaluable as we spend most of our time at home. They can create a magical atmosphere which will give that extra layer of warmth to the house.

Enjoy a walk through the candle section at Next and find the scent that best represents your Christmas style, from a delicious Gingerbread Diffuser to a festive Christmas Tree Jar Candle.

  1. Tableware

When it comes to holiday dinners, we all want to have a beautiful table display that’s full of sparkle and Christmas cheer – especially since Christmas dinner is often the focal point of the day!

If you’re hosting a dinner at your home and want to impress the rest of your household, say cheers with a beautiful set of shiny flute glasses, and store any leftovers from the day in a fun set of festive cake tins too.

  1. Festive doorstops

If you’re looking to take it to the next level, why not decorate around the doors within your home too? It’s a small detail, but it can really lift your spirits.

A few of our top picks are the classic Don Dachshund door stop which features a dog with a red nose dressed in a Santa hat and festive Christmas jumper. Alternatively,  why not go for a super fun singing penguin doorstop, simply press the button in the middle of his belly and sing along to the lyrics of ‘’Jingle bells’’.

If you’d like to explore all the options Next has to offer this Christmas, come and visit us at The Rock shopping centre in Bury every day for a fun shopping session.

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Children’s artwork showcased with ‘Autumn sheds’ at The Rock

Creative schoolchildren from across Bury will see their unique colouring competition designs brought to life at The Rock Shopping Centre this October half term.

The shopping and leisure destination has been working with local schools as part of its Autumn Sheds campaign.

Earlier in the year, youngsters from: Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School, Millwood Primary Special School, Tottington Primary School and Sunny Bank Primary School took part in an in school competition to design a ‘Spring Shed’ and come up with a colourful, creative design.

Due to lockdown the activity was put on hold but now, a few months later than planned, each school’s winning design is being brought to life and painted directly on to the sheds in front of shoppers.

Artists will be ‘live’ painting the designs onto the sheds in the shopping centre from Saturday 24th October and will continue daily throughout the school half term.

A public vote will also take place where visitors can vote for their favourite Autumn Shed.

The school children’s designs include creations from:

  • Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School Pupils: Sadie Cohen (Year 5) Harry Jamil (Year 5) and Amelia Joseph (Year 4)
  • A full school submission from Millwood Primary Special School
  • Tottington Primary School pupils: Sophia Hogg (Year 4) and Brooke Spindler (Year 4)
  • Sunny Bank Primary School pupils: Ayla Rashid (Year 4), Zaynab Ali (Year 5) and Thomas Hughes (Year 6)

To view the winning entries click here.

As well as the four colourful Autumn Sheds, a larger shed will be painted by artists and later donated to Bury-based Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.

The winner of the public vote will be announced in November. Once the sheds are removed they will be donated back to the four schools for their own use.

The Rock’s Centre Director, Arnold Wilcox-Wood, said: “We are very excited to be running this special legacy project with four of the town’s primary schools.

“This activity was just due to run during the Easter break but was put on hold. At the time of postponement so much of the work had already been done and we already had all the competition entries so we have been working hard to fulfil our promise of bringing these designs to life and are pleased to have been able to turn our Spring Sheds into Autumn Sheds

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working all of the schools on this project. We hope the completed sheds will add some colour to our malls and our customers enjoy seeing the artists at work.  We’re sure the finished sheds will be put to great use back at the schools.”

Voting will now conclude on Wednesday 4th November 


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Next’s top tips for working out at home

It can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise at home, especially if you’ve been sitting at a desk all day and want nothing more than to relax in front of the TV.

With a little help from retailer Next, who has recently partnered with Nike to create a home workouts series led by trainer Naomi Heffernan, we’ve put together some tips for working out at home, including suggestions for appropriate and comfortable workout gear, available to shop in-store at The Rock Shopping Centre.

1.      Shop the right gear

Having the right clothing to exercise in is super important. Comfort and breathability are an absolute priority – you don’t want anything that’s going to make you too hot or self-conscious.

Nike trainer and Barry’s instructor Naomi Heffernan stresses the importance of having a well-fitting sports bra.

“A sports bra is probably the most important item if you’re working out. You want to make sure   you   are   nice   and   secure,   you   are protected when you’re jumping around – you want to make sure you’re held in properly.”

Ideally, you should also own at least three tops, leggings and shorts to exercise in, of differing lengths so that you’re suited for all weather. If your workout wardrobe is in need of a revamp, Next has a great selection of sportswear available in store at The Rock Bury.

The correct footwear is also a must when it comes to exercising, as unsuitable shoes can lead to injury. Nike have recently released their latest Metcon 6 Trainers, available to order online and collect in store.

“They’re a really stable shoe to train in, so if you are doing things like squats or working with weights, they’re amazing because they’ve got such a solid base. They’re also really grippy on the sole [and] because they’re mesh-fronted as well, they’re going to keep you really nice and cool.”


2.      Make sure you’re eating right

Staying fit and healthy isn’t all about exercise. For a lot of us working from home, the temptation to make regular trips to the fridge has become a habit. While there’s no shame in that, it’s important to eat healthily and stay hydrated, especially when you’re working out.

The best thing to eat pre-workout are foods which release a lot of slow burning energy, and are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. These include oatmeal or porridge, bananas, peanut butter and granola bars. Any of these are a great way to start your morning and invigorate you for the day ahead.


3.      Set realistic goals

These days it can seem more difficult than ever to plan from one day to the next, especially with the demands of a busy work schedule. With this in mind, set yourself easy and measurable targets that you know you can commit to. Write your goals down and schedule them into your calendar to help you keep on track.

Trial working out in the morning and then in the evening to see which works best for you. According to Naomi, both have their benefits and it ultimately comes down to personal preference:

“If you decide to work out in the evening, you’re probably going to lift heavier and maybe run faster than you would in the morning purely because your body is so warmed up, you’ve been up for 12 hours already and you’re raring to go.”

Social media can also really help you meet your targets. Apps like Strava help you monitor your progress, and let you see how your friends are doing. Take it to the next level by creating an Instagram fitness account, and update it regularly.

4.      Mark out a home workout space

Marking out your own space to work out in is a must. It doesn’t need to be huge, so long as you’ve got enough room to move around in. Try not to exercise in the same place you work, eat or sleep – this will help keep you focused, and separate your workout time from your other responsibilities.

There are plenty of workouts that can be done without equipment.

If you’re in need of inspiration, the Nike x Next home workouts videos are available online until the 29th October, offering equipment-free exercises designed to be carried out at home, along with info on the latest Nike product releases, available to shop online and collect in-store at The Rock Bury.

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Stay snug this autumn with Emma Willis’s latest collection for Next

This season, the TV star’s designs are sophisticated and chic, with heritage-style prints and a classic feel – the perfect addition to your 2020 autumn wardrobe. 

Emma Willis’s newest collection with Next features outerwear, loungewear, lingerie and denim from sizes 6 to 22. 

Read on to find out about the design inspiration behind the latest collection, which is currently available online and in-store at The Rock Bury

Stylish Autumn Staples


While the previous collection consisted of bold colours and paisley prints, the colour palette for the latest collection is more neutral, striking the perfect balance between autumnal tones.

As well as neutral block colours (very à la mode for autumn 2020), Emma has designed a checked blazer, a staple for colder weather.

The checked blazer comes in two different colours that are easy to pair with most autumnal colours, ‘Port Check’ and ‘Brown Check’. If you love checked styles, you will be happy to know that the collection not only includes a checked blazer but two checked coats – perfect variations for your autumn wardrobe!

“Two things I love are blazers and checks…so we’ve done a checked blazer!! And we’ve done it in two different types of checks!” – Emma Willis 

Clothes to Keep You Feeling Cosy

The designer and presenter’s latest collection includes staple autumn colours such as navy, brown and tan with pieces that will keep you feeling cosy and toasty from autumn to winter.

The range also features roll necks that come in red, orange-brown and camel as well as long sleeved tops and padded jackets for ultimate warmth.

After the success of last year’s puffer coat, this year’s collection brings a revamped puffer, designed to keep you feeling cosier than ever and with darker colour options available.

“Last year’s puffer coat was really popular so we’ve decided to do it again but we’ve given it a little makeover! It’s slightly darker khaki, it’s got a bigger neck, bigger hood and we’ve also added in a black colourway!”

Working from Home Style

Emma’s latest collection also consists of chunky knitwear and wide leg trousers – easy to wear when working from home because of their relaxed fit and added manoeuvrability.

Chunky knitwear is back for this collection, available in several colour variations to keep you toasty when pottering around the house.

“We’ve revisited the chunky knit again this year in a lovely cream and a dark navy but we’ve made it shorter so it’s tuckable!”

If you want to get extra comfy, the presenter’s latest loungewear sets are also great, loose-fitted additions to your WFH wardrobe.

The sets vary from a knitted black to a pink two-piece to suit different tastes.

The latest Emma Willis Collection is now available in-store at The Rock Bury and online on the Next website.  

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Giant thank you card to celebrate lockdown heroes

A giant thank you card to celebrate Bury’s lockdown heroes has been installed at The Rock.

The 8ft tall card has been installed at the shopping and leisure destination and customers are encouraged to write a message to recognise and thank those in the community for their efforts in 2020.

The campaign focuses on ‘Who has been your Rock of 2020?’ and shoppers can write a brief message on the card. There is also a photo frame where people can pose for a photo and share it with The Rock on social media using the #MyRock2020

The card will be manned daily and visitors can grab a pen and write their message.

The Rock’s Centre Director, Arnold Wilcox-Wood said: “This card is an opportunity to recognise the people in our community who have made a difference to people’s lives during the tough months of 2020. This could be anyone from our NHS and emergency service heroes, key workers, retail staff and volunteers, as well as mums, dads, friends and family members.

“We hope that our visitors will be able to enjoy this installation and we look forward to seeing their photos on our digital channels.”

The centre will have enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures in place at the card installation.

When the card isn’t manned, no pens will be available but visitors can still use the frame for a photo.


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Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

It’s finally February and the month of love is upon us.

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on and we’ve picked out some of our favourite gift ideas available from retailers at The Rock to help you find the perfect gift in time for February 14th.

Does the special one in your life deserve a pamper?

Lush here at The Rock has lots of special treats for an evening of relaxation and indulgence.

There’s a host of gift choices in store, including this peachy new set. Featuring a crumbly bubbleroon and bath bomb, their bathtime will be filled with fresh peach juice and tagetes oil.

Fancy getting your hands on an exclusive bubble bar? This is the gift for you or a loved one!

Price: £13.


Want to say it with flowers?

You absolutely can’t go wrong with roses for Valentine’s Day and M&S have an excellent selection. Pick up 12 red roses for £5 or go all out and choose the Collection True Love Bouquet for £25. Roses launch in store on 12th February.

Or what about saying it with food?

They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach – these Love Sausages from M&S will make the perfect tasty Valentine’s Day breakfast. Launching in store on 7th February, the original is priced at £6 and the ‘Give a Little Love Sausage’ is a purse-friendly £5.

The Love Sausage is heart-shaped, lightly truffled and wrapped in bacon. M&S suggest you serve the sausage with two fried eggs in the middle – what a start to a very special day.

What about giving them a something different?

Why not treat your other half to breakfast in bed using this fun gift set from The Card Factory.

It contains a fun mug, plate and bowl perfect for their morning meal, and will make them smile long after Valentine’s Day is over. Help them have the lie-in they deserve and serve up tea, toast and cereal in style.

Price: £4.99

This fun, flirty game from The Card Factory contains two after-dinner crackers filled with cheeky dares and questions. If you didn’t know each other that well before, you certainly will now! It’s perfect for new couples.

Price £1.99


Looking for a tasty treat?

Tuck into Millie’s Cookies LIMITED EDITION Valentine’s Stuffed & Loaded Cookie Pie.

It is the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day – two 28cm/11″ Giant Cookies stuffed full of marshmallows & extra chocolate chunks and topped with Jammy Dodger biscuits, this cookie pie is the ultimate indulgent sharing treat.

Prices start at £19.99 – head in store to find out more.


Looking for a cheeky sweet treat? The Jelly Love Letters from M&S will make the perfect little gift and cost just £2 or if it’s something a little bigger you fancy, get your hands on a Giant Love Button for £5.


Say it with a special scent

Light up someone’s Valentine’s Day with a gorgeous fragrance from The Perfume Shop. On offer in-store until 14 February is Ralph Lauren Romance EDP 100ml Spray for £39.99 reduced from £76.50, a saving of £36.50 and Boss The Scent EDT 100ml Spray for the reduced price of £49.99 down from £69.00, a saving of £19.00.


Thinking of dining out?

90% of a relationship is deciding where to eat. On February 14th and 15th Pizza Express’s mouth-watering sharing set menu (£28.95) means you don’t have to worry about the details. Enjoy their famous Dough Balls Doppio, a main each – such as our Padana, with creamy goat’s cheese and sweet caramelised onion and finish with a trio of delicious desserts. This Valentine’s Day, the only thing you need to worry about is who will get the last Dough Ball?

Ts & Cs apply:

Who doesn’t love a special offer?

It’s the most romantic day of the year, so show them you care with Valentine’s gifts from M&S.

The store is running a ‘2 for £30’ promotion from Tuesday 11th February.

The following products, all priced at £20 each, are in the offer, meaning you’ll enjoy a saving of £10.

  • Abel Charlot Champagne
  • Date Night of Dreams chocolate box
  • Collection Indulgent Dozen red roses
  • Swiss Chocolate Assortment (573g)


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Emma Willis releases sportswear range at Next

Emma Willis releases a sportswear range with Next to make your 2020 workouts a stylish affair

After designing four clothing ranges for Next, Emma Willis is continuing this collaboration with a 2020 sportswear collection, inspired by a desire to develop “sportswear that looked really good but was functional, and didn’t cost the earth.”

The design process

For her latest collection, Emma adds another string to her bow. As a passionate advocate of healthy living, moving into sportswear design was a natural segue for her.

“Sportswear was something I really wanted to do…January just seems perfect because you have that month of indulgence for Christmas”.

Thinking back on her own experiences with sportswear, Emma’s aim was to design pieces that were all about functionality, style and affordability.

The collection

Emma has released a collection that has everything you need for an active lifestyle.

“With a hectic work schedule and busy family life, exercising is important to me; it really helps me to stay focused and feel strong. Adding sportswear to the collection felt like a natural fit, there’s pieces suitable for any workout and we’ve also included some super comfy hoodies and joggers too”. –Emma Willis

The leggings are the perfect example of functionality and style combined. A deep waistband, sweat-wicking fabric and four way stretch technology means the leggings stay comfortable for every twist, lunge, jump and squat. They come in two styles, one with a graphic print and one in neon trimmed plain grey.

There are also two swimsuits for those who are more into swimming lengths than sweating at HIIT classes. One is a textured square neck black piece with white piping detail and the other is a high neck racer with crossover back detail. They’ve both been designed for function and support and feature discreet built-in cups.

How Emma stays healthy

Emma takes a holistic approach to health, making sure to pay attention to both her physical and mental wellbeing. Working out is about looking after body instead of looking a certain way. “I’m doing it to stay strong and stay able as I get older”, Emma explains.

She also doesn’t put pressure on herself in terms of setting a strict routine.

“I start with being realistic, looking at fitness week by week and judging how much time I have available to train…so I don’t get stressed out by not doing as much every week as I’d like to.”

Variety is key, although Emma does have a few preferences. Morning workouts are better than evening sessions and boxing and reformer pilates are her favourite classes.

When it comes to looking after her mental wellbeing, the mum-of-three makes sure she sets time aside for herself and for self-care.

“Finding time for yourself every week is so important. Normally, other things that take up my week are for my family with household chores etc. so I do recommend having some time during your week which is just something for yourself.”

Emma’s approach to diet

A healthy diet is essential to Emma. After the indulgent holiday period, she makes sure she restores the balance by going sugar-free in January.

Her daily diet will usually consist of an omelette for breakfast, salad or soup for lunch, and a nutrient rich dinner, like homemade stews or roasted vegetables.

Her husband, singer Matt Willis, even created a foolproof recipe for avoiding chocolate cravings.

“I’m not sure if Matt actually invented or discovered this, but he came up with this dessert for me at night so I don’t eat chocolate: coconut yoghurt, almond butter and some cacao powder (just the tip of the teaspoon).”

Set your 2020 goals in motion with Emma Willis’ sportswear capsule range. The collection will be available in store from Tuesday 31st December.


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Next reveals the nation’s funny festive searches

If you’ve ever looked online to find your local shop’s opening times on Christmas Day or where to find a Christmas pudding outfit – you’re not alone.

With Christmas fast approaching, retailer Next has looked into some of the funniest things people are searching for on Google during the festive period. From rotating Christmas tree stands to gifts for a picky mother-in-law, they’ve uncovered some real crackers (excuse the pun) to do with gifting, décor and parties – three areas that we often turn to Google for when we’re stuck for ideas.

To that end, we thought we’d share a few of these with you – as well as give you some practical tips to get you through the festive period.


Christmas parties

The Internet often becomes our own personal stylist when we’re deciding what to wear to the work Christmas party. It is, after all, one of the most important events of the year – so it’s natural to turn to Google for ideas.

In Next’s quest to uncover our funniest search queries, they found that a few of us are certainly optimistic about December weather, Googling the phrase “open toe shoes for Christmas party”.

Meanwhile, others are keen to keep their festive season style cosy and casual, looking for advice on “how to wear a Christmas jumper on a night out”.

Our tips for Christmas party outfits:

  • Find out if there’s a theme or dress code. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party and realising you’re too casual or too formal. Ask around and get some ideas from your colleagues in the weeks leading up to the event, if you’re unsure.
  • Don’t be afraid to go bold. Christmas only comes around once a year, so it’s a great excuse to get dolled up to the nines and dig out all things twinkly and sparkly from the depths of your wardrobe.
  • Dress comfortably. For many of us, it’ll be a lively night with lots of dancing, so you’ll want to go for an outfit that’s comfortable but chic all the same.



Many of us turn to the powers of the Internet for gifting inspiration around Christmas time, particularly when dealing with fussy family members or a tricky Secret Santa recipient.

But aside from the typical “what to get my girlfriend” or “what to get my dad” questions, a few of us are more specific with our search queries.

It seems we look to the internet when dealing with pernickety family members, asking “what to get a picky mother in law for Christmas” and “what to get a fussy friend for Christmas”.

Our tips for gifting:

  • Consider getting some of your friends and family to fill out a wish-list online. There are a fair few sites (including Amazon) that offer this and it’ll save you time and the potential embarrassment of buying something your recipient doesn’t like.
  • Don’t leave present-buying to the last minute, especially if you’re ordering online as your gifts may not arrive in time for Christmas. Have a look at the Next Gift Guide online for some ideas or stop off at The Rock’s Next store.
  • Set a budget so you don’t end up spending more than you’d hoped. You might even benefit from using a budgeting tool or app to keep track of your expenses over the festive period.

For festive décor

The presence of cinnamon-scented candles, Nativity-style ornaments and fairy lights all make Christmas one of the cosiest times of the year. To that end, we put plenty of thought into our Christmas decorations to make sure our surroundings have the ultimate snuggle factor.

However, cosy can mean different things to different people and there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to Christmas décor. In fact, according to Next’s study, some of us are searching for very niche decorations such as “roman Christmas décor” and even “toilet paper decorations for Christmas”!

Our tips for decorating:

  • Stick to a specific colour scheme (this will help narrow down your choices and also look better). Think about the furniture you’ve got and try to find a theme that matches (Next have got some lovely décor if you’re stuck for inspiration).
  • Decide whether you’ll have a real or artificial tree. Real ones require more maintenance and can also be hazardous to curious pets and tots, so be sure to factor this into your decision.
  • Figure out a budget for your décor and try to stick to it. Second hand sites and platforms like eBay are great for finding hidden festive gems without spending too much (plus, purchasing second hand is a lot better for the environment than buying brand new!).


Christmas is just around the corner – so we hope we’ve given you some ideas for party outfits, gifts and décor. Thursday is late night shopping at The Rock (we’re open till 9pm) so make sure you stop by to get your Christmas shopping done!

We also heard from presenter Emma Willis on what Christmas is like in her household. You can view the video here and maybe come away with some tips on Christmas dinner prep too!


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