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Get ready for autumn with fashion showcase

Shoppers visiting The Rock might get a surprise  when the mannequins in shop windows are replaced with models.

The two-day ‘Fashion Through The Glass’ event will take place on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th September and models will showcase all the latest autumn looks.

It’s the first time the centre has held an event of this nature, but they wanted to do something different to showcase the newest collections and inspire shoppers who are updating their wardrobes ready for the autumn and winter months.

The showcases will take place between 11am and 4pm each day with multiples retailers taking part in the event.

Arnold Wilcox-Wood, centre director of The Rock, said: “We’re always thinking of new ways to engage with our shoppers and support our retailers and this is the perfect event to do both. We’re working with Catwalk Events, the same company we use for our summer fashion and beauty event, so we know we’ll be able to deliver a great event which will turn customers’ heads and encourage them to hit the shops.”


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Back to school with Clarks

Top of the class

Getting the right fit is essential, so it’s little wonder that Clarks kids fitting service has been a rite of passage for generations of school pupils. Their expert staff have been trained to take any stress out of shoe buying, while tailoring the right shoes for the right feet. But if you find yourself short of time and unable to make an in-store fitting, you can buy their shoe gauge online to get the right shoe size at home.

Whether you’re looking for school pumps, school boots, formal school shoes or school trainers, we have all their needs – and your needs – covered. Happy kids make for happy parents and vice versa.

To ensure there is always enough choice, Clarks’ staff talk to schools to understand current uniform needs and make sure they’re providing the best school shoes for every child. With a wide and varied collection, ranging from black school shoes and navy school shoes to T-bar school shoes and school wellies, for both boys and girls, their shoes not only look good but do their jobs – which is looking after kids’ feet all day long.

We test our kids’ school shoes on real kids and put them through rigorous tests – including flexing soles 40,0000 times – to ensure they are robust and resilient to ensure we can provide kids with unrivalled comfort in movement, day after day.

Visit store now or visit the range here: 

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Ticketless parking system – coming soon

Our new state-of-the art, ticketless parking system will go live next week, on Tuesday 20th August.

It is completely ticketless and based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), it will be operated by REEF Parking.

The new system intends to provide a much better customer experience, enabling additional ways of payment. Customers can pay at the pay stations, through their mobile or sign up for AutoPay and just drive in and out, without the need to visit the pay stations.

With the ANPR system, vehicle number plates will be captured on the way in to the car park. At the end of a customer’s visit, when they enter their number plate at the pay machine the cost for parking will be displayed, based on the time they entered the car park. Once paid, visitors will make their way to the barrier as normal and the barrier will raise automatically.

All parking tariffs will remain the same and customer service teams will be on the ground to help and support customers entering the car park and at the pay stations whilst this new system is launched.

The key thing for the customer, is to remember their vehicle registration as this is needed at the pay machines. We will have plenty of signs on display to explain the process and to remind our visitors about the need to remember their vehicle registration.

During this transition period our teams and staff from REEF Parking will be here to ensure a smooth roll out process.

For FAQs click here

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