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Ticketless parking system

Our new state-of-the art, ticketless parking system is now live.

It is completely ticketless and based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), it will be operated by REEF Parking.

The new system intends to provide a much better customer experience, enabling additional ways of payment. Customers can pay at the pay stations, through their mobile or sign up for AutoPay and just drive in and out, without the need to visit the pay stations.

With the ANPR system, vehicle number plates will be captured on the way in to the car park. At the end of a customer’s visit, when they enter their number plate at the pay machine the cost for parking will be displayed, based on the time they entered the car park. Once paid, visitors will make their way to the barrier as normal and the barrier will raise automatically.

All parking tariffs will remain the same and customer service teams will be on the ground to help and support customers entering the car park and at the pay stations whilst this new system is launched.

The key thing for the customer, is to remember their vehicle registration as this is needed at the pay machines. We will have plenty of signs on display to explain the process and to remind our visitors about the need to remember their vehicle registration.

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