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10 best Christmas movies that’ll rock your festive socks off

Christmas is the time of year to curl up in front of the sofa surrounded by the things that make you feel all festive and fuzzy.

It doesn’t get much better than your favourite flicks. So you bring the boxes of chocolates and we’ll bring the box sets. Here’s our list of the 10 best Christmas movies that’ll rock your festive socks off.

Home Alone

home-aloneNothing says bring on the mulled wine more than an 8-year-old Macaulay Culkin giving two con men the run-around the Christmas tree.

After a fall-out with his parents the night before a family trip to Paris, and in the rush to get to the airport, Kevin (played by Culkin) is left in the attic and his wishes of being home alone come true.

It’s a Wonderful Life

The 1946 classic follows a man with a different kind of wish. George, who wishes he was never born, is sent an angel to help this compassionate but frustrated soul.

He is shown how many lives he’s touched and how he’d be missed. A heart-warming tale made for a Sunday session.


Wrapped up in the excitement and holiday spirit that is Christmas, Will Ferrell who plays Buddy, goes to NYC to find his real father.

Spreading Christmas cheer in a world full of cynics, this is a tale of childhood innocence. Our favourite scenes include seeing him snarled by a feisty raccoon when he goes for a hug and getting lost inside a revolving door.

Chicken Run

Not so much a Christmas-themed film, but it’s become tied with this wonderful time of year. It’s a love story. And one of great escape and adventure from Tweedy’s chicken pie farm.

American smooth-talker Rocky lands on the farm, igniting dreams for Ginger and her gang of girls to flee to green new pastures. Enjoy a mince pie or two as you watch them squirm about ‘not wanting to be a pie’ because they don’t like gravy.



When a gadget salesman brings back an innocent-looking furry friend for his son, he’s clueless to the chaos that’s about to commence.

He was warned never to expose the little thing to bright light, water, or feed after midnight. The result: a super gang of Gremlins ripping through the town on Christmas Eve like a five-year-old on Christmas morning.

Deck the Halls

There’s nothing wrong with a little Christmas-off with your nextdoor neighbour. Who has the biggest tree? Who has the brightest lights?

Deck the Halls sees two neighbours (Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito) festively fight it out for the title of Father Christmas in a battle for the brightest lights- lights that are so bright you can see them from space (just imagine the electricity bill!).

The Nightmare Before Christmas

For an alternative Christmas animation, we’ve chosen The Nightmare Before Christmas. Fed up of scaring people in his Halloweentown world, Jack Skellington reacts with awe and wonder at the warmth and light of Christmastown.

With a new lease of life, Jack plots to kidnap Santa and harness the power of Christmas by taking on the job (with dire consequences).

Bad Santa

There’s a holiday con brewing (a bit like the tinsel that doesn’t quite reach all corners of your Christmas tree). Posing as a shopping mall Santa with a friend who’s a bad elf, the two con men plan to rip-off the stores.

Luckily, befriending a small boy brings out Bad Santa’s inner child, proving there is still hope for him on the real Santa’s nice list.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The classic 1843 Dickens tale features a rather stingy Scrooge played by Michael Caine. Bah humbug!

Follow Miss Piggy, Kermit and The Great Gonzo as they teach him the errors of his selfish ways. Christmas is a time for sharing and caring.

Muppets Christmas Carol

The Grinch

Dr Suess’ book turned film follows the reclusive green Grinch who plots to steal Christmas from the cheery town of Whoville.

Proving that even grumpy people still have a heart, Jim Carrey’s Grinch falls for an endearing Cindy Lou Who played by Taylor Momsen.

Feeling festive?

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